Thursday, 7 November 2013

Green Hur.

Bra - H&M
Phone Case - Ebay
Hair Colour - Crazy Colours

No outfit, just hair, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then this is old news but I want you guys to see before it goes, as much as i love it i just cannot cope with not having extensions and its just to many colours to try and get a match for. Honestly, i want to blog more but i genuinely do not get the time. If it wasn't so bloody dark so early that would be helpful. Plus, i see how much other bloggers have come along these days and i just can't cope, honest to god my styles on its ass. Right now my hair smells good though, always a plus.

Monday, 26 August 2013


Twosie - Ebay,
Socks -Primark
Bag - Primark
Necklaces - Ebay
Boots - Dr Martens

Sooooo, this is what i wore for Creamfields yesterday. It did not look like this by the end of the day but that's kinda what happens when Steve Aoki throws a cake at you, sprays you with champagne and you get endless beer and water thrown on you all day, all good fun though. Cream is one of the chavvyest festivals you will ever see but i love house music so i just try to ignore the people around me . I looooove festivals but i don't think i could cope for more than a day there. I'm currently lying in bed, the front of body is all bruised from being crushed against the barrier, my hair still has cake in it, i can't lift my arms up properly and all i wanna do is relive the whole thing again. I really really really wanna go Bestival but i stand no chance in dragging anyone there, somebody kidnap me and take me please, i reckon if i starve up untill it i could maybe fit in someones backpack?

Saturday, 10 August 2013


Top & Dress - Charity Shop
Bag - Primark
Socks - Primark
Boots - Dr Martens

I look scruffy, i hate all my clothes at the moment, my style is just up the wall, i have no inspiration to put anything together. moan moan moan, i know, i'm hungover so life doesn't feel great right now. I am gonna start trying to blog abit more regular now but i'm just busy all the time, i feel pathetic saying that but the amount of things i forget and don't get chance to do anymore is growing. i'm a lazy bitch,i'm so not cut out for this full time working shit. Anyway i haven't been to a charity shop in months so that's on my list of to do's this weekend but for now, there's a McDonald's breakfast with my name on it.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

rouuunddddd 2!

Outfit 1 - Kimono: Evil Twin - Frank And Doll
              Crop Top - Bought There
              Shorts - Topshop
              Jewelery - Primark and Ebay
              Sunglasses - Primark
              Bumbag - Bought There

Outfit 2 - Kimono - Ebay
              Crop Top - Ebay
              Hat - H&M
              Shorts - Unif
              Bumbag - Bought There

Outfit 3 - Set - Ebay
              Jewelry - Ebay
              Bumbag - Bought There

soooo heres my second lot of outfits i wore, this is the last of my glasto outfits photos, there were like 2/3 more outfits in between but i was too pissed and sweaty be assed about taking them. i realize i'm wearing the same bumbag through all of this, but once i bought it its didn't leave my hip, oops. The top outfit was my fave of all of them from the week, then the set on the last photos is a close second. The top outfit just kinda happened when i bought the crop top, it was from this stall called chantings and it was only 4 quids! you cant see but it has dolphins on! i ended up by alot from there daily and now i feel like ive been parted from a child as they don't have an online store. Anyway, i'm still super grimmed out about the whole thing, i think what depresses me more is i don't know what i will ever do that can possibly compare to it! on a happier note, i got a hev bitching and junkfood dress through for holiday today and an amazing crochet crop top, get on my body! still sooooooo much to get and so little money but when doesn't life feel like that! i probably won't blog now till after holiday unless i'm feeling unusually motivated and inspired on Saturday (doubt it). so... untill next time!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Outfit 1 - Kimono: Asos
              Crop Top: Asos
              Bag: Asos
              Jeans: Primark
              Wellies: Hunter

Outfit 2 - Kimono: Evil Twin - Frank and Doll
               Dress: MissKL
               Shoes: Dr Martens
               Bag: C/O - LaModa
               Jewelry - Ebay

Outfit 3 - Dress: Bought There
              Socks: Thrifette
              Shoes: Dr Martens
              Jewelry - Assorted

Oh my godddddddddddd, words don't explain Glastonbury, there are NO words to describe how amazing that massive crazy hippy farm is! I seriously have just had one of the most amazing weeks of my life, i've put on about a stone and i don't even care, i'd put on 5 and still wanna stay there. This is my first lot of photos, i'll put on a few more this week at some point. I bought so much to take there then realized theirs like a mass of amazing vintage and hippy boho kinda stalls so ovbs i was in heaven and bought loads, so everything i brought with me ended up going out the window. Unfortunately the bottom tie dye dress was long when i bought it and i cut in with toe nail scissors when i was pissed cus i wanted to wear it so much and now its wonky and too short, cutting a dress too short is so painful, theirs just no going back once you've done that. so anyway, I've got major blues, i go to Cyprus on Sunday and i can't even get excited. if i could live at glasto running round in kimonos, bindis and shorts, drunk, but have showers and normal toilets for the rest of my life i reckon i would. The last photo wasn't even meant to be a blog one, i just wanted to see how bad i had cut it but turned out to be ok, just got one major face on me.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Holiday Wants.

Pizzagram Tank - Unif at Miss KL
Minkpink Kaleidiscope Dress - Asos
MKL Collective Set - Miss KL
Cut Out Dress - Lazy Oaf at Nasty Gal
Printed Overalls - SPSBoutique
Water Melon Set - Lazy Oaf at Nasty Gal
Beck Dress - Ragged Priest
Minpink Patchwork Dress - Asos

This is ideally what i want my wardrobe to look like before i go to Cyprus. The only thing that i own, which is still on its way is the Beck Dress by Ragged Priest. I've already declared my love for the Lazy Oaf x Nasty Gal cut out dress which will be mine, one day, but that watermelon set is calling me more and more everyday! It's just too cute and made for a holiday! As for the Minkpink smock dresses, i would wear probably every day even after holiday so deffo gonna have to invest on payday. The Unif Pizzagram tank, i just find fucking amazing, pizza is my life so i reckon this was made for me. And lastly, an explanation on the printed overalls by SPSBoutique, i envision them with this pair of sandals i bought, and i hate sandals but i realize i need at least 1 pair for holiday and this is the only thing i actually wanna pair them with plus i think there cutttteee. If i owned all this then i might actually wanna go on holiday, but because i don't i'm getting very stressed because its fast approaching, i'm skint and i can't afford all this even when i am paid. AHHH stressful times, why must you all be so expensive and from everywhere bar England. And one more thing, last year when i was away i just lived in trainers, Eliza Doolittle was and still is a style icon to me so i was going for that vibe for now i hate myself in trainers so i just do not no what to do, i like Dr Martens chunky sandals but i still only see all these outfits with my Aggy Strap boots and i just don't no if my feet could handle them alllllllll night long in that heat. Help  :(

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Lets all just take a moment to appreciate this.

SERIOUSLY THOUGH. Do Lazy Oaf collections come much better than this? I'm sure most of you have already seen it and i've never felt the need to post a lookbook before but JEEZ I just love everything. Dieingggggg for this to hurry up onto the Nasty Gal site. I'm in love with the black dress with the cut of flowers, gonna marry it.